“Art is the gap.”
By Megan Phair
October 10, 2022

That full quotation by Marcel Duchamp is “What art is, in reality, is this missing link, not the links which exist. It’s not what you see that is art; art is the gap.” As an anti trafficking organisation we believe that we stand in the gap providing safe spaces for children and young people to learn about human trafficking. The gap being the space of not understanding and trying to grasp. Art gives a picture to that feeling hence why art is the gap.

Our organisation is has been in operation for 10 years(!!) which is amazing, exciting and definitely cause for celebration. If you have been following along with us on social media you will have seen all of our wonderful events that we have ran these past few months. We have a few events on and around anti slavery day (18th October). One of these is happening this Saturday 15th October it is a creative event titled Response I. Response I is an evening of spoken word poetry and song with local artists who are passionate about ending human trafficking it’s sure to be a great event. There’s opportunity to purchase vintage clothes from Positive Vintage who are tackling the curse of fast fashion and it’s plight on the planet and people through a message of hope and positivity while selling awesome garments.

Our performers: Ferna, Smallmint and Colin Hassard are all passionate about ending human trafficking and will be using their art medium to move and help us be in a reflective space to measure our response. Lucinda Graham will inspire us by talking about Fashion as Protest using your clothes to speak and rage against but also not buying new to help fight human trafficking.

You are sure to leave this event feeling inspires so book tickets here.

Our second Response event or Response II is a panel discussion talking about how Human trafficking impacts young people in our society today and we will have Jude Hill from Piece by peace recording a live podcast. This is essential if you work with young people in any capacity this is a FREE ticketed event with FREE light lunch book your place here.

Art is the gap. We stand in the gap and you can too!!