Can you act? Invisible Traffick needs you!
By Joan
June 25, 2021

We are looking for young, enthusiastic actors and actresses for our exciting new series of short educational films that will be used as a resource for schools right across Northern Ireland and beyond.  This is a unique opportunity to be part of a project that will educate young school children on the dangers of human trafficking. 

Our series of short films will shine a light on subjects such as deception, identity theft, exploitation and injustice by using live acting and animation, we will create films that will empower young people and equip them to deal with these challenges if they ever arise.

If you enjoy acting and you are passionate about educating others, please come along to our casting day on Monday 19th July at Bangor Elim Conference Centre.  

We require actors for the following roles;

Character 1 – Injustice, male or female aged 14-15yrs. Mean character who can trick his/her way into people’s lives.

Character 2 – Visi, male aged 9-12yrs, cleaver and trustworthy, he is one of the good guys!

Character 3 – Bella, female aged 8-10yrs, sweet and innocent but also clever and determined to out-trick Injustice.

Character 4 – Brave, male or female, aged 14-15yrs, our lovable hero who always does his/her best to help those in need.

Character 5 – Female, aged 13-15yrs, likes exploring but this can make him/her vulnerable and easy to trick.

Character 6 – Male, age 10-12yrs, character is transferring from primary to secondary school, cheeky chappy who just wants to fit in.

Character 7 – Female, aged 8-10yrs, innocent character who likes to play video games and ends up in a dangerous situation.

Actors must be available all day on the following dates;

Monday 16th August for read through

Monday 23rd August for shooting

This filming opportunity is voluntary however all travel expenses will be paid and food provided. Actors will be credited for their appearance and will be invited to a red carpet premiere event on Monday 18th October to mark Anti-Slavery Day.

For more information and to book your casting time slot please email


  1. Sian mcguire

    Hi Joan I have a little girl aged 10 who would be interested in trying out at the auditions.