By Megan
February 8, 2021

Welcome! We are Invisible Traffick, and we are so happy to have you here. To celebrate the launch of our new website, we want to introduce ourselves and share what we do.

We are a Northern Ireland-based charity, established in 2012 with the aim of tackling human trafficking and modern day slavery in the UK and Ireland. Our main focus is education, and we have several projects running to educate children and young people on trafficking and exploitation, and help to keep them safe. We have an expert team of staff and volunteers who are passionate about making a difference; they run workshops, hold awareness-raising events, fundraise, and more!

We want to shout about our work, and talk about the work still to do to eradicate trafficking and slavery. To help do that, we are planning to publish a blog post or news story at least once a month. We hope to raise awareness through education, training and collaboration with others, so you might see some other friendly faces on the blog from time to time, as we work with our partners in different organisations to highlight the great work that’s happening across the UK and Ireland to combat the issues of human trafficking and modern slavery.

So we encourage you to check in with the blog each month, to see what we’ve been up to and hear more about our work. You might learn something new, or get an idea for how you can help us support victims of human trafficking and exploitation. If you would like to help us, by volunteering your time, holding a fundraising event, or even sharing some of our social media posts, we would be so grateful.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!