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Our mission is to combat Modern Day Slavery both locally and internationally. We are committed to making the invisible, visible by raising awareness of human trafficking in all its forms.

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We are Invisible Traffick a Northern Ireland-based charity, established in 2012 with the aim of tackling human trafficking and modern day slavery in the UK and Ireland.

Making the invisible, visible

Our main focus is education, and we have several projects running to educate children and young people on trafficking and exploitation, and help to keep them safe. We have an expert team of staff and volunteers who are passionate about making a difference; they run workshops, hold awareness-raising events, fundraise, and more!

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Types of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the movement, coercion, and exploitation of people for profit.

Forced Labour

Forced labour victims undertake manual labour tasks that include but are not limited to farm work, construction, mining, work in the hospitality sector or factory work. Migrant workers are usually targeted for this type of exploitation due to limited understanding of English, their rights within the UK and limited support networks. With most if not all money handed over to traffickers there is no opportunity for escape.

Domestic Servitude

Domestic Servitude victims are forced to clean, cook, do laundry and look after children, with lots of tasks within private households. If they are paid it is very little, or they may be “paid in kind”, with wages reduced or taken to cover the cost of food and accommodation.

Forced Criminality

Forced Criminality is where victims are forced, coerced, or threatened into committing crime for the benefit of others. It can involve, but is not limited to theft, selling of counterfeit goods, cultivating cannabis, county lines (drug running/smuggling), begging. Any financial gain is taken by the trafficker. Criminal exploitation is a particularly underreported form of trafficking, as victims are fearful of being prosecuted.

Organ harvesting

Organ harvesting is a growing and very lucrative market. Victims may be kidnapped and forced to give up an organ; others may be duped into believing they need an operation so an organ can be removed and sold. In the worst cases victims are murdered so the required organs can be removed, and traffickers can profit from their sale on the black market.

Sexual Exploitation

Sexual Exploitation is where victims are forced to perform sexual acts against their will for the profit of a trafficker. They are manipulated into this through false job advertisements and grooming. These victims can be men, women, and children.

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves

Proverbs 31:8


Shining A Light on Modern Slavery

We have collaborated with a local candle maker from Co. Down to bring you this beautiful Rapeseed and Coconut wax candle to mark our 10th Anniversary.

This candle has been handpoured using only ethically sourced and sustainable materials.  It has a fresh, clean scent that will burn for hours.

As an anti-human trafficking charity we always talk about shining a light on slavery so this candle is a great way for you to support our work and to spread that message in people’s homes.


Brave Book

Written by the Brave Bear Trust and published in partnership with Invisible Traffick “Brave” is the first book focusing on the pressing challenge of modern slavery aimed at 8 – 10 years old, and it will allow both parents and teachers to discuss a very sensitive issue in a child-friendly way.

About Brave

The book focuses on the disturbing experience of Bella, whose poverty-stricken mother is tricked into allowing her young child to be trafficked overseas. She is finally rescued from those who are exploiting her through the intervention of her precious teddy bear “BRAVE” and a very caring coffee roasting machine named “RORY”. The storyline is fictional, but it reflects the real-life traumas of those who are currently suffering from the scourge of modern slavery.

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