We believe that education is key, the Visi’s World Resource Pack provides schools with a sensitive teaching tool to educate children about the signs and indictors of Modern Day Slavery for Key Stage 1+2 school children.  It encourages them to stay safe,  to speak up and look our for each other.

Visi World is a tool for young children, but it also has the positive strain of a cross curricular initiative, which is not only educational but also helps with safeguarding our children. It is an excellent resource to help our children learn about a very real problem in Northern Ireland, engaging our children with the world around them and making them into the educated global citizens of tomorrow.


Our education facilitator visits schools across Northern Ireland to tell Keystage 1 and 2 pupils about human trafficking and modern day slavery, in a way that is age appropriate and engaging! Through fun and interactive assemblies and classroom workshops, we discuss these important topics to mobilise children to make a difference in their World and encouraging them to learn to protect themselves, their friends and those in their communities. 
We have also introduced our first Anti-Trafficking Schools Recognition Award this year, to celebrate the participating schools who have demonstrated what they have learnt from their visit.

For more information on what the Visi’s World education pack teaches, please follow the links below to download a free copy.

Download your free (English) education pack.

Download your free (Irish) education pack.

Watch this video for more information.

“Knockbreda PS, P6 class- Visi’s World Schools Competition Winners 2019”

The pupils are now able to talk about Modern Slavery in an informed way and parents commented that the “children have loved the topic and shown a keen interest.” Miss Briggs, Knockbreda Primary School.

If you are interested in more information or to arrange a visit from our education facilitator please get in touch.