Transition Year Blog

Invisible Traffick IRL are committed to teaching young people on topics, such as the of the signs of human trafficking and how to protect yourself from the possible dangers.  We are convinced that a workshop aimed at 15/16yrs would work well.

Transition Year (TY) is a programme designed to give ‘teens’ the opportunity to learn new skills, while gaining both life and work experience. It is a one year programme that promotes social, vocational and educational development for students during their 4th year of secondary school.

This week we contacted all the Post Primary schools in our area and offered to deliver a human trafficking workshop.  We are excited to say that, just a few hours later, we received our first phone call from one of the schools, inviting us to come along! As I spoke with the Principal, I was thrilled with his positive response.

He asked about Invisible Traffick, and the work we do. I was able to explain our aims and objectives, alongside the benefits that we would hope to accomplished through the workshop. Within minutes we had decided on a suitable date and divided the large group into four workshops, each with their own timeslot.

As part of the presentation we will be providing information on current facts and statistics about human trafficking.  The real ‘fact’ is by going into schools we are getting the opportunity to, quite possibly, help stop someone becoming one of those ‘statistics’.  We therefore believe and hope that these workshops will play an important role in the young people’s lives.

We are also excited to have the opportunity to ‘shed light’ to one of the most hidden injustices in our society, and to help make the invisible….visible.

If you know of a school or youth group that you believe would benefit from our worshop please get in contact via