Poverty, gender-based discrimination and a history of sexual and physical violence are all factors that can make women and children vulnerable to traffickers. Some are abducted and sold, some are deceived into consenting with the promise of a better life or a better job, and some feel that entrusting themselves to traffickers is the only economically viable option. Once trapped, they are held and exploited in slavery-like conditions.

Regardless of the route of entry, most women and children trafficked for sexual exploitation suffer extreme violations of their human rights, including the right to liberty, the right to dignity and security of person, the right not to be held in slavery or involuntary servitude, the right to be free from cruel and inhumane treatment, the right to be free from violence, and the right to health. The trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation, also results in a negative impact on the health and wellbeing of victims, which could be long term and ultimately life-threatening. Furthermore, human trafficking prevents victims from attaining physical, mental and social well-being. A victims’ health is further endangered due to the increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases.



NO HOPE is an awareness short film produced by local foundation “Invisible Traffick” and production company “Green Lens Productions” in a pursuit to battle Human Trafficking in Ireland.