Nefarious Movie Night in Sligo

Although we had put as much planning and preparation as we physically could into promoting this Movie Night, we waited with much uncertainty….Yes we had planned and prepared, invited and promoted, but we had not planned for the weather! I can only describe it as one of the hottest and most beautiful summer evenings we had experienced, here in Sligo, in a very long time.

Oh no! How was this going to effect the turn out. Most of Sligo had headed to the beach or to one of Sligo’s many beautiful scenic spots, where they could comfortably enjoy this fabulous weather.

But, as the doors opened, almost sixty people arrived to watch Nefarious. And, apart from one or two small technical hiccups, all went well

Described as an in-depth look into the Human Trafficking industry, it had promised to be an interesting evening and, possibly an eye opener, to anyone who wasn’t aware that this world of Modern Day Slavery even existed, much less happened in our own country.

And, yes, it really was a brilliant film. Telling the story of sex trafficking, from every perspective, it left us all without any doubt about the horrors and brutality of this hidden crime.

Afterwards, as we all left the room and came out into the lobby of the hotel, some people still had a look of utter disbelief in their eyes. Can this really be happening?

There were lots of conversations afterwards and we were able to answer one of The most asked questions of the night…’what can I do about this’. For us here at Invisible Traffick IRL, this was exactly what we had hoped would happen. One of our aims tonight was to create awareness of the existence of Modern Day Slavery and, having done this, let people know how they can get involved in making a difference. Explaining that there are so many things we can do, from something as simple as having conversations about the subject of human trafficking to actually getting involved in a more ‘hands on’ way.

Nefarious is billed as a ‘must see’ movie, and this is exactly how I would describe it. If you haven’t seen it, and get the chance to do so, I highly recommend you going.

The team of Invisible Traffick Sligo want to thank all who gave up their night to come and watch this film, and a big ‘thank you’ to Gayle and Marc, who travelled down in sweltering 30 degrees plus temperatures, to be with us.