Invisible Traffick Visit Antrim Primary School

Today our Education Facilitator was at Antrim Primary School speaking to P6 & P7s delivering Invisible Traffick’s education pack, Visi’s World.

She talked about the relationship between child labour & chocolate, specifically Easter eggs & also the Fairtrade options available

She had baskets filled with Easter eggs as part of a game. She gave them a character, e.g., a 10 year old child labourer in the Ivory Coast and a 10 year old living in Northern Ireland, and a fair trade farmer

She then read out statements like, I can express my own opinions, I can buy sweets etc.

If that was true for their character, then they could put an egg in their basket. At the end they counted them and then the rest of the pupils had to guess who had which character depending on how many eggs they had.

The kids were great and asked so many questions!

At Invisible Traffick we believe educating children leads to change & change leads to action!

If we could visit a school you know please get in touch at We would love to hear from you!