On Thursday the 10th August BBC News showed a documentary on Modern Day Slavery in Britian.  The film included one mans story of being exploitated for labour for 4 months, describing his ordeal as ‘just horrible’.  See his full video here.

Also feautured in the documentary was Invisible Traffick GB’s very own consellor.  This lady works very closely alongside the women in Tamar House (ITGB’s safe house for female survivors of sexual explitation), in the hope of helping survivors to work through the traumatic ordeals they have  been through.  She is one of an amazing team of volunteers working to help the women go onto to lead independent lives.  We are very proud of how well she spoke about her experience working in Tamar and hope that her interview was able to shed a light on just how complex it is to rehabilitate female survivors of sex trafficking.

For more information see the news report here and please share.