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We need £24000 to extend the opening hours of our Freephone Helpline; a vital tool to help victims.

We are missing calls as we only have the resources to open the Helpline limited hours.

With no government funding we rely solely on the generosity of ordinary people like you.

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A Victim’s True Story

She was an 18-year old student living in London, met a guy, was wined and dined, she fell in ‘love’ with her ‘boyfriend’…or so she thought…

They visited her parents and arranged to meet back in London. This was when he first spoke to her about ‘female escorts’ and making lots of money. She became afraid as his mood suddenly changed…she hadn’t seen this side of him…but he was serious. On the way back to her flat he pulled a gun on her and said, ‘Now you work for me, if you try to escape I will kill your family’.

This turned into a 3-month period she describes as ‘Hell on earth!’ She was gang raped, abused, severely beaten, starved.

She was forced to work in brothels, massage parlours and on the streets…every day she feared for her life, every day she wanted to die. During this horrendous nightmare she was raped over 800 times!

Can you even imagine? This barbaric ordeal continued…until one day, after another life-threatening beating, he left her alone…he told her he knew she was under his total control and she would never leave him…she had seconds to make a decision…a decision to make a phone call…and this phone call…it saved her life.