Half M ItAt the end of April, two of our amazing supporters, Andrea McCormick and Lisa Crawford ran in the Dubrovnik Half Marathon in Croatia. They both ran 13.1 miles as part of the David Hanna Fitness Team in aid of Invisible Traffick and raised an incredible £457.20. These girls deserve a massive round of applause, not only for completing the half marathon, but also for raising this fantastic amount of money; all of which will go towards the work of Invisible Traffick and our mission of eradicating human trafficking! Thank you to everyone who supported them and well done girls!




Today we noticed one of our very large posters on a billboard in Bangor.

This is one of 100 billboards going up in Northern Ireland and all of us at Invisible Traffick are very excited!

This billboard is to launch our new helpline dedicated to tackling and raising awareness of Human Trafficking here in Northern Ireland.

Can I please ask that you all help us in the following ways.

1/ Please share this post.

2/ Please regularly visit our new revamped website for all the latest up to date information about Invisible Traffick and what we do. (http://www.invisibletraffick.org/)

3/ Please also share and like our Invisible Traffick Facebook page as this helps us to let people know exactly how they can help us and what to look out for.

Thank you for helping us to make this invisible crime, visible!


Strictly Blo


We have had an exciting month in March, as Invisible Traffick’s Helpline was launched! Funds are desperately needed in support of this and the money raised at the Strictly Come Dancing fundraiser at the beginning of April was a massive help towards the cost of this Helpline.


It was guys, girls, glitz and glamour on Friday 7th April at our first ever ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ competition. Twelve couples went head to head under the glitter ball after undergoing ten weeks of intensive dance training, to perform a range of classic ballroom dances.

The event was a brilliant evening of fun, but most importantly raised a fantastic amount of money for Invisible Traffick, with a grand total of £12, 524.70 (check this figure). This money which was raised will go towards supporting Invisible Traffick’s Helpline for victims, which was recently launched in March.



The end of the month saw two supporters of Invisible Traffick, Andrea McCormick and Lisa Crawford, running in the Dubrovnik Half Marathon in Croatia. Please support them by making a donation through their MyBTDonate page here, where any donation would be greatly appreciated.


We have an exciting fundraiser planned for the 30th of September at Bangor Rugby Club! We are holding a charity fire walk in aid of Invisible Traffick, so if you feel like you would like to take part or volunteer on the night, this one is for you! More details to follow shortly…


Thank you all for your continued support and all you do for IT, without your help our work would not be possible.



A flight attendant has described the moment that she saved a young girl from human traffickers after leaving a secret note for her on the plane.

Sheila Fedrick said that her suspicions were roused after she spotted a well-dressed middle aged man travelling with a battered young girl aged around 15 who “looked like she had been through pure hell”.

After trying to speak to the pair and being rebuffed by the man, she left a note for the girl in one of the plane’s toilets.

In reply the girl wrote: “I need help”, she told NBC News.

Ms Fedrick said she immediately informed the pilot about the situation and the flight was met by police at their arrival destination.

She shared her story as part of a training programme run by US non-profit group Airline Ambassadors aimed at helping flight staff to spot human traffickers.

Millions of people are thought to be trafficked every year – including many who are transported on flights.

The AA group has trained thousands of staff in a number of countries to recognise the signs that someone may be being taken against their will.



On Thursday the 19th October at 10am Invisible Traffick Ireland held an Awareness Raising Event in Sligo Town Hall. This event was to celebrate their two year anniversary and coincided with Human Trafficking Awareness Week 2017.

Mary McSharry (IT IRL Director) kicked off the event explaining a little about her work with IT in Sligo. She explained that the main role of IT IRL is to raise awareness and get the public engaging in the issue of human trafficking.

Next, the IT GB Director spoke about her work across the water. She explained that lots of other charities in Great Britian do lots of awareness raising and instead felt what was missing was long term after care for survivors of human trafficking. She then spoke about her work in Tamar House, a safe house set up by IT GB for female survivors of sexual exploitation.

Alison was followed by Edward Keegan (Anti-Trafficking Project Officer for Immigrant Council of Ireland) who spoke about his work in Dublin. He explained the legislation in place in order to keep human trafficking survivors safe by helping them remain in Ireland, and how they ensure survivors are provided with adequate housing.

There was then a question and answer panel including Edward Keegan, Paul Molly (Detective Inspector Garda, Anti-Human Trafficking Unit) and Simeone Barnett (Justice Department Anti Human Trafficking Unit) who answered questions from the audience.

The event was closed by Sligo Mayor who highlighted everyone’s responsibility to fight the issue of human trafficking, whether that is by teaching our children about respect for women, or simply informing others that human trafficking still exists.