We were at the SERC (South East Regional College) campus open day on the 7th and 8th of September, talking to young people about how they can get involved with IT.  If you’re a young person wanting to get involved with IT or find out more information on how you can get involved with IT then please be in touch!


Invisible Traffick was invited to Hillsborough Castle Garden Party on the 7th of September 2017.

It was a cold, raining and a blustery day at Hillsborough Castle last Thursday, however when HRH Prince Harry arrived he brought a warmth to the day. He was accompanied by Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP and Arlene Foster MLA. Prince Harry assisted in the planting of an apple tree and all the guests who were budding photographers were earnestly trying to capture every glance of the Prince on camera!

Invisible Traffick is continuing to spread the awareness of Human Trafficking and was speaking with Secretary of State James Brokenshire about the work of Invisible Traffick. He was very keen to hear what we are doing locally here in NI and said that this was an area he is both interested in and deeply concerned about. The Directors spent a few minutes discussing the problems NI are facing with the growing rise of persons being trafficked within the Province.

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Did you know that you now can raise donations for us for free with your in store shopping?

Simply buy or top-up a gift card for a store like M&S or Starbucks and with every purchase Invisible Traffick can get a free donation up to 8%!

Check out the link below for more information.  Thank you in advance.



Anyone who knows me well will know I am a TOTAL bargain hunter. My dad has always said that my mum would walk an extra mile to save 1p on a tin of beans and I definitely take after her.

Today I was in River Island and saw the most gorgeous dress (I loved it, others may beg to differ). It was black with brightly covered florals over it and even better, it was on sale!

I tried it on and fell totally in love….. apart from the fact it was too big!  (P.S. sorry to any male readers out there – this is turning into a big of a ‘confessions of a shopaholic’ – but hold tight).

I asked the shop assistant if there were any more sizes available, and unfortunately there wasn’t, and I left the shop wondering if I could just deal with it being a little big.

Since January I have actively tried to only buy second hand clothing – a challenge I have loved – so as to minimise the amount of money I spend funding labour trafficking, caught up in the fashion industry. But it’s crazy how the labels and pretty patterns can blind you of the dark reality behind high street fashion stores.  It was almost as if for a few seconds I could totally forget about the exploitation endured in order to make my beloved dress.

Later I came across this article online exploring sweatshops in the UK.  I’d say I’m pretty clued into the presence of sweatshops caught up in fashion supply chains, but I had no idea there was sweatshops here in the UK.

In the article Debbie Coulter, Head of Programmes at the Ethical Trading Initiative, explained that ‘£3 per hour is an average wage [in the factories in the UK], although she has spoken to women who were being paid as little as £1 per hour.’

‘New Look’s Anders Kristiansen told the Telegraph this week: “Many of these factories have unsafe conditions with fire escapes blocked up, workers exploited and paid far ­below minimum wage. What happens if there is another massive fire, what will it take for people to wake up?”’

The article explains further that ‘typically, the workers being exploited are women from different countries who speak little English. Some come to UK on a six-month visa and work every hour they can before returning home.’

This results in these huge factories becoming breeding grounds for labour trafficking.  There have already been reports of raids and prosecutions yet factories continue to open the following day under a different name.

As anti-human trafficking activists I think it’s so important that we look at every daily decision we make. Human trafficking and exploitation is so often tainting our clothes, chocolate, coffee, bananas, phones, gosh the list could go on.

When speaking to the Norwegian director for Hope for Justice, at a conference I was at in April, he explained that, ‘where there is labour work, there is labour trafficking.’

Hopefully this will get you thinking the next time you go shopping, could you try and maybe throw in a Fairtade item or take a nosy at ethical stores online first?  And help fight human trafficking by your clothes shop!


On Thursday the 10th August BBC News showed a documentary on Modern Day Slavery in Britian.  The film included one mans story of being exploitated for labour for 4 months, describing his ordeal as ‘just horrible’.  See his full video here.

Also feautured in the documentary was Invisible Traffick GB’s very own consellor.  This lady works very closely alongside the women in Tamar House (ITGB’s safe house for female survivors of sexual explitation), in the hope of helping survivors to work through the traumatic ordeals they have  been through.  She is one of an amazing team of volunteers working to help the women go onto to lead independent lives.  We are very proud of how well she spoke about her experience working in Tamar and hope that her interview was able to shed a light on just how complex it is to rehabilitate female survivors of sex trafficking.

For more information see the news report here and please share.


We have a very exciting and orignal event coming up soon – firewalking! Are YOU up to the challenge? Do you have the courage to walk barefoot along roasting hot coals in aid for Invisible Traffick?

Details as follows –

Date: 30th September 2017

Venue: Bangor Rugby club

Time: BBQ etc from 5pm, Firewalk at 7:30pm

We are asking for £20 non-refundable registration fee and additional sponsorship.

There will be BBQ, refreshments, kiddies activities, icecream and music from 5pm.

Contact Nikki on

Still want more info, check out the Firewalking Organisation’s website here.

This is going to be a fantatsic event for people of all ages! We would love if you and your family and friends could join us, or even… walk on coals for us! Please be in touch.


At Invisible Traffick we offer presentations to local organisations in order to educate everyone in the community about human trafficking.Our presentations cover the following topics:

*what human trafficking is

*what forms it takes

*spotting the signs of trafficking

*how to report any activity you believe to be suspicious

We also will explain who we at invisible trafficking are, and allow for a question and answer session at the end.  Our hope is that through our presentation your employees will feel better equipped to fight invisible trafficking.

Recently we have visited:

*Business in the Community

*Citi Bank

*St. Luke’s Hospital Armagh

*Ulster Hospital


*Moy Park

*Heron Bros Londonderry

*Baker McKenzie

*Parliament Buildings Stormont

Baker McKenzie posted on Facebook after our presentation saying:

“We were joined by the director from Invisible Traffick yesterday. She gave a very powerful presentation raising awareness about the existence of human trafficking in Northern Ireland and the signs to watch out for and what to do if you suspect this is happening in your own community.

This is an issue on which our Firm has worked hard in many places and ways.”

Could we come to your organisation?  Almost all companies can be involved in some form of trafficking, directly or indirectly, aware or unaware.  Please be in touch according to your organisation location:

Northern Ireland – /

Ireland –

Great Britain –

Let’s all be aware of the signs to stop human trafficking so we can work together to help eliminate human trafficking completely from our community.


Keith Baker has been sentenced to 15 years in prison following being convicted of sexually abusing a mentally disabled lady, while holding her prisoner in his house for eight years.

The room had no light bulb, carpets or curtains.  The door had no handle on the inside and the toilet was overflowing with human excrement.

The victim was so badly emaciated she had only one tooth left once she was rescued.

The woman’s learning difficulties were so severe her IQ placed her in the lowest 0.3% of the population.

The woman was reported missing in Cambridge in England in 2004. She was taken to Northern Ireland by Baker, the judge said.

Please click here for full news report.