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Volunteer's Recruitment and Team Building Day


On Saturday morning we had our very first Volunteer's Recruitment and Team Building Day. The morning began with a cuppa & a scone. Then Invisible Traffick's video 'No Hope' was screened (watch it below).

Our director then spoke a little about how Invisible Traffick all started 7 years ago.  She had been to a conference where Christine Caine (founder of anti-huamn trafficking charity, A21) was speaking about how girls had been packaged up into boxes like cargo and were transported across sea and in cars to their destination.  On route many of the girls died from oxygen starvation and the girls who did survive were sexually exploited across Europe.  Our director couldn't believe that this was still happening in our modern day world.  She came back from the conference and bought a packet of mash potato for dinner one evening which actually contained a ticket saying 'You'e won!'.  That packet of mash potato led to the director winning £500!! The Director explained how she knew the money was not her own and she used to to set up Invisible Traffick.


Then each coordinator spoke about the importance of their areas within the charity & the opportunities within it.


Our Brands Manager speaking about the importance and opourtunites within Invisible Traffick for photography, videos, visual, billboards and posters.


Our Social Media Coordinator talking about the importance of social media and the opportunities with social media in Invisible Traffick.


Our Helpline Manager talking about the importance of social media and the opportunities with the helpline and the training it involves in Invisible Traffick.


Our Presentations Manager talking about the importance of raising awareness about human trafficking by doing presentations in various organisations such as churches, businesses and hospitals and encouraging people to become part of the presentations team.


Our Charity Coordinator talking about the possibility of setting up monthly creative workshops to make different crafts and sell them to help raise funds for Invisible Traffick.


Our second Director speaking about upcoming fundraising events, such as our Strictly Come Dancing evening in June up in Stormont.  He also spoke about the fantastic fundraising tool called Give As You Live.  Make sure to check it out and register for it here and help raise free funds for Invisible Traffick every time you shop

The director then closed the morning by thanking each of the volunteers for all of their hard work throughout the years and described them as 'the heart of Invisible Traffick.'  

There was then an opportunity to speak to & connect with each of the coordinators & find out how you could get involved.


If you couldn’t make it but would like to get involved with any of the following areas please get in touch:

Branding (photography & video)
Social Media
Creative Workshops
Education (Visi’s World Pack)

Thank you so much to everyone who came along, we can’t wait for you to become part of the team😊



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