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Tamar House - Exploitation of Vulnerability

Tamar House 2

In case you missed my last blog I'll just give you a little recap.  I volunteer for Invisible Traffick Northern Ireland and over the course of the next week I am in England joining Invisible Traffick Great Britian volunteering in Tamar House.  Tamar House is a safe house for female survivors of sexual exploitation and I am writing this post to update you on how I am getting on!

I have now been in Tamar House for a couple of days and I am starting to feel really settled.  One of lovely IT GB volunteers, who collected me from the airport, described Tamar House as ‘a proper family home’ and she couldn’t be more right.

Lauran Bethell, in the sex trafficking documentary Nefarious, defines human trafficking as ‘the exploitation of vulnerability’.  These four words have been ringing through my head the last few days, as I’ve been learning more about survivor’s stories.  The men and women who find themselves being sexually exploited are so incredibly vulnerable.

Which makes total sense.  Traffickers are lazy.  They can’t be bothered chasing after their next victim.  Their also smart.  They know how to spot someone vulnerable, desperate for love and affection.  Traffickers quite literally prey on vulnerable individuals.

This makes these girl’s stories even more heart-breaking.  Before they find themselves in a position of being trafficked, they usually have came from extremely difficult backgrounds and situations, far beyond what the everyday Brit can fathom. 

And the injustice is just unbearable.  Why should anyone have to suffer the way these survivors have? 

This makes me so thankful for places like Tamar House, who are actively saying that this injustice is not okay.  Tamar House are giving their every effort to empower these vulnerable girls so as they can be reintegrated back into society safely.  And the volunteers really really care. 

I was reading today a passage of the bible called ‘Love in action’ found in Romans 12 and verse 9 really stuck out to me.  It says ‘Love must be sincere.  Hate what is evil; cling to what is good’.  Tamar House and its volunteers epitomise this verse.  They sincerely care about these vulnerable girls.  They hate what traffickers have done to them.  And they are clinging to the hope of a good future for these survivors.  And it has been such a privilege to witness this love.

I am really looking forward to the next few days and cannot wait to update you again soon!



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