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Today we noticed one of our very large posters on a billboard in Bangor. This is one of 100 billboards going up in Northern Ireland and all of us at Invisible Traffick are very excited! This billboard is to launch our new helpline dedicated to tackling and raising awareness of Human Trafficking here in Northern Ireland. Can I please ask that you all help us in the following ways. 1/ Please share this post. 2/ Please regularly visit our new revamped website for all the latest up to date information about Invisible Traffick and what we do. (http://www.invisibletraffick.org/) 3/ Please also share and like our Invisible Traffick Facebook page as […]


Invisible Traffick GB held their annual Spring Ball on Saturday the 20th of May and our director and her husband had the pleasure of attending. As always it was a joyous night of celebration and fundraising with Invisible Traffick GB’s wonderful volunteers. These incredible men and women so generously give of their time to help support survivors of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation to recover with ITGB’s long-term, trauma-based programme which aims to help them lead independent, successful and productive lives, free from exploration. The grand total raised from this years Spring Ball was an incredible £8119.81! This is a fantastic amount and we would like to […]


When thinking about human trafficking we often allow our minds to run straight to the young girls sold into “a better life” only to find themselves sold into a life of prostitution, violence and loneliness scenario. This is obviously a huge part of the area that we seek to bring justice too through the efforts of Invisible Traffick. However, I have recently been thinking about it from a very different standpoint… The men… The boys… Not the taken but the takers… You may find these people a horrific group to spend time thinking about but hear me out… I find it hard to believe that as these traffickers grew up, […]


We have a very exciting and orignal event coming up soon – firewalking! Are YOU up to the challenge? Do you have the courage to walk barefoot along roasting hot coals in aid for Invisible Traffick? Details as follows – Date: 30th September 2017 Venue: Bangor Rugby club Time: BBQ etc from 5pm, Firewalk at 7:30pm We are asking for £20 non-refundable registration fee and additional sponsorship. There will be BBQ, refreshments, kiddies activities, icecream and music from 5pm. Contact Nikki on info@invisibletraffick.org Still want more info, check out the Firewalking Organisation’s website here. This is going to be a fantatsic event for people of all ages! We would love if you and your family […]


At Invisible Traffick we offer presentations to local organisations in order to educate everyone in the community about human trafficking.Our presentations cover the following topics: *what human trafficking is *what forms it takes *spotting the signs of trafficking *how to report any activity you believe to be suspicious We also will explain who we at invisible trafficking are, and allow for a question and answer session at the end.  Our hope is that through our presentation your employees will feel better equipped to fight invisible trafficking. Recently we have visited: *Business in the Community *Citi Bank *St. Luke’s Hospital Armagh *Ulster Hospital *Allianz *Moy Park *Heron Bros Londonderry *Baker McKenzie […]


Keith Baker has been sentenced to 15 years in prison following being convicted of sexually abusing a mentally disabled lady, while holding her prisoner in his house for eight years. The room had no light bulb, carpets or curtains.  The door had no handle on the inside and the toilet was overflowing with human excrement. The victim was so badly emaciated she had only one tooth left once she was rescued. The woman’s learning difficulties were so severe her IQ placed her in the lowest 0.3% of the population. The woman was reported missing in Cambridge in England in 2004. She was taken to Northern Ireland by Baker, the judge […]


Invisible Traffick IRL are committed to teaching young people on topics, such as the of the signs of human trafficking and how to protect yourself from the possible dangers.  We are convinced that a workshop aimed at 15/16yrs would work well. Transition Year (TY) is a programme designed to give ‘teens’ the opportunity to learn new skills, while gaining both life and work experience. It is a one year programme that promotes social, vocational and educational development for students during their 4th year of secondary school. This week we contacted all the Post Primary schools in our area and offered to deliver a human trafficking workshop.  We are excited to say that, […]


Some of you may already be aware that the BBC recently aired a documentary called ‘Three Girls’, based on the Roshdale Sex Ring. The documentary follows the story of 3 girls, Holly, Ruby and Amber, who find themselves being sold for sex, by older men, following a period of grooming. The documentary is not an easy watch at all, but is incredibly eye opening into how girls find themselves in a position of being sexually exploited within their own city. It also gives a clear account of how the girls get justice after many years of being failed by the police and social services. The girls are left completely broken […]


HELPLINE We have had an exciting month in March, as Invisible Traffick’s Helpline was launched! Funds are desperately needed in support of this and the money raised at the Strictly Come Dancing fundraiser at the beginning of April was a massive help towards the cost of this Helpline. STRICTLY COME DANCING It was guys, girls, glitz and glamour on Friday 7th April at our first ever ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ competition. Twelve couples went head to head under the glitter ball after undergoing ten weeks of intensive dance training, to perform a range of classic ballroom dances. The event was a brilliant evening of fun, but most importantly raised a fantastic amount of money […]


A flight attendant has described the moment that she saved a young girl from human traffickers after leaving a secret note for her on the plane. Sheila Fedrick said that her suspicions were roused after she spotted a well-dressed middle aged man travelling with a battered young girl aged around 15 who “looked like she had been through pure hell”. After trying to speak to the pair and being rebuffed by the man, she left a note for the girl in one of the plane’s toilets. In reply the girl wrote: “I need help”, she told NBC News. Ms Fedrick said she immediately informed the pilot about the situation and the […]