As I prepare to take break in ‘Sunny Spain’, I very quickly take one last look around the house, just to make sure I haven’t forgotten something important.

While racing upstairs I look at where my ‘office’ sits at the top of my stairs.  For a few moments my mind drifts away thinking about Invisible Traffick, thinking about how much I love being part of this organisation, thinking about how important it is to move the Charity forwards, reaching wider.

I have been Coordinating the the Invisible Traffick IRL base, here in Sligo, for two years now.  Up until recently, the need for an actual office or premises has not been high on the list of priorities. Getting a team together, introducing IT to community groups, services and the ordinary man and woman on the street; this was what I needed to spend my time and energy doing. Using every opportunity to create awareness about the fact that Human Trafficking is happening within our community, ‘hidden in plain sight’.  That was my goal!

Now, two years on, it’s great to see that this is beginning to happen. Here in Sligo, more and more people are hearing about this form of Modern Day Slavery and are becoming much more aware of it’s existence.

But, as I look at my makeshift office, well organised as it is, I look forward to the day I can walk into a real office space.   And yes, there will be challenges, and costs, to running that office, but I know that we need one, and we need one sooner rather than later.

Invisible Traffick IRL has a job to do…. to make the invisible…visible,  and part of that is a ‘visible’ premises.

I’m so grateful for my very patient husband who has never once complained about the times he narrowly avoided falling over my storage boxes or my Invisible Traffick bits and pieces.  But he’s with me on this one, it will be great to have a desk and filing cabinet, and shelves, and not just at the top of our stairs.

There is a beautiful saying – ‘from little acorns, mighty oaks grow’,  I think this is what I hold on to when I think of my ‘little’ office….and Invisible Traffick.