Volunteer’s Recruitment and Team Building Day

On Saturday morning we had our very first Volunteer’s Recruitment and Team Building Day. The morning began with a cuppa & a scone. Then Invisible Traffick’s video ‘No Hope’ was screened (watch it below).

Our director then spoke a little about how Invisible Traffick all started 7 years ago. She had been to a conference where Christine Caine (founder of anti-huamn trafficking charity, A21) was speaking about how girls had been packaged up into boxes like cargo and were transported across sea and in cars to their destination. On route many of the girls died from oxygen starvation and the girls who did survive were sexually exploited across Europe. Our director couldn’t believe that this was still happening in our modern day world. She came back from the conference and bought a packet of mash potato for dinner one evening which actually contained a ticket saying ‘You’e won!’. That packet of mash potato led to the director winning £500!! The Director explained how she knew the money was not her own and she used to to set up Invisible Traffick.




This Sunday our director was on BBC Radio Ulster for Sunday Sequence show.She was speaking for a special feature on Modern Day Slavery. Joining our director was Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, and Professor Kevin Bales, co-founder of Free The Slaves.

Listen to the radio broadcast via the link below – it is on from 35:10 minutes to 102:06 minutes.